Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 QB Rankings

In preparation for this year's draft, I found a great resource in Fantasy Pro's Expert Consensus Rankings.  Like the ratings suggest, the list takes into account 86 expert rankings from across the interwebs- and puts them into a handy "super ranking" in the spirit of the BCS, the 2012 Presidential Election, and of course, Dancing with the Stars.

I don't like taking rankings as absolute, so this provides an opportunity to group players.

The Sure Things:

 Best Rank   Worst Rank   Player Name   Team 
1 2    Aaron Rodgers GB
1 5 Tom Brady NE
1 7 Drew Brees NO
2 8 Matthew Stafford DET
Like your high school prom date, these 4 are sure things...  No surprises here.  Rodgers, Brady, and Brees are consistently among the top scorers each week. Stafford's coming off a career year, and unless he suffers an injury should be an elite pick at QB.
The Contenders:

 Best Rank   Worst Rank   Player Name   Team 
2 15 Cam Newton CAR
3 14 Michael Vick PHI
3 15 Tony Romo DAL
4 12 Eli Manning NYG
4 12 Philip Rivers SD
5 15 Peyton Manning DEN
6 15 Matt Ryan ATL
6 19 Ben Roethlisberger PIT

Here we have the next tier- 8 QB's who could be considered elite, but have some downside.  Newton's breakout rookie year has him as high as 2nd in some rankings, but could fall victim to the sophomore slump. Vick, Romo, Peyton Manning, and Rothlisberger are all coming off injuries last season. I'd make sure I did my homework before drafting anyone on this list, and make sure you have a plan B- just in case.

The Longshots:

 Best Rank   Worst Rank   Player Name   Team 
6 20 Jay Cutler CHI
10 22 Matt Schaub HOU
8 24 Robert Griffin III WAS
8 25 Josh Freeman TB
12 27 Carson Palmer OAK
11 29 Joe Flacco BAL
14 26 Andy Dalton CIN
12 25 Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF
13 29 Andrew Luck IND
13 31 Alex Smith SF
12 29 Sam Bradford STL
Could RG3 repeat Cam Newton's 2011 rookie campaign?  Will Josh Freeman find his way into the endzone on the ground? Can Jay Cutler grow a pair and play tough like we expect him to?  All questions that surround this middle group.  Who knows, maybe Joe Flacco has a career year and leads your fantasy team to the playoffs.  But then again, don't we say that every year?

The Rest:

 Best Rank   Worst Rank   Player Name   Team 
17 31 Matt Flynn SEA
14 37 Jake Locker TEN
15 32 Matt Cassel KC
17 35 Mark Sanchez NYJ
19 35 Christian Ponder MIN
17 36 Kevin Kolb ARI
16 35 Tim Tebow NYJ
21 37 Matt Hasselbeck TEN
22 36 Brandon Weeden CLE
20 36 Matt Moore MIA
Here's an interesting list of names- for some, this list is like the girls left at the bar during last call.  For others, these guys are lottery tickets.  For the most part, this group is inconsistent, and shouldn't be counted on to put up points week in and week out.  If you've got Kevin Kolb riding on your bench, pay attention to his matchup, and maybe you can sneak by your opponent that week.  

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  1. I want to know who ranked Jay Cutler 6th and also who ranked Drew Brees 7th. Also there are some pretty big sleeper candidates in the Longshot group.... Just saying